Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{Weekend Snaps}

Before I get into our weekend.. Let me just say this.. My first week back at work has been absolutely exhausting. And amazing and exciting. All at the same time! So, sorry for being a bit lazy on posting these last couple of days. I've been working late, out for great dinners and generally just being super busy and getting home around 10 PM and falling into bed, only to wake up and do it all over again... 

So.. Here's what we were up to last weekend:
+date night, complete with sangria & tapas at Pata Negra
+enjoyed a sweet outdoor music performance - the street was packed and people were picknicking along the canal!
+a walk to Oosterpark with our pup (we stopped for fresh croissants along the way)
+exploring our new neighborhood (I admit we walked by our new place more than a few times! SO excited to move in on the first!!!)
+enjoyed a great view and dinner at Cafe de Jaren 
+brunch (turned early afternoon beers) with this lady and her sweet man, Marcus. So happy to be making such awesome new friends here!

And some photos... of course :)

*may I remind you that this is our street!!!

Wow- that was a lot of pictures! Guess I had to make up for lost blogging days :)