Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Tree Stand

Isn't this an awesome idea to spruce up a fake Christmas tree and make it feel more cozy and natural? We've never had a fake tree, but if we did I would definitely want to try this DIY project out! 

Happy Monday!

Has it been four days already? My that weekend flew by! Corey's brother and his wife arrived from Chicago Friday and we've been with the family pretty much non-stop since then, including a trip over to Bend, OR. We got to see snow, which made me very happy, and I finally got to meet the rest of Corey's extended family. We were celebrating his grandpa's 90th birthday as well as his grandparent's 68th wedding anniversary. Incredible, right? Everyone was sweet-as-can-be, and while I was  a little nervous at first I quickly realized there was no need to be! 

Hope you're settling back in to the grind today. I have been listening to Christmas music round-the-lock which has made it a little easier. I love the holidays!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Tablescape

I put this table together in a day, and used things we already had or were inexpensive and easy to get the day before Thanksgiving. You might recognize our wedding napkins. My mom and mother-in-law hand-sewed them so we love putting them to great use. We also used a couple birch bark sleeves from our wedding, pears for each seat, gold spray-painted globe artichokes, and chargers and plates my mom already had. It was definitely challenging to get 15 people around one table, but we did it, and it was the perfect Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I absolutely can’t wait. I’m going over to my Mom’s to set the table tonight and then tomorrow will be spent helping in the kitchen and just spending time with family.

Today I’m extremely thankful for the sweetest husband a girl could have. This morning, Corey made me breakfast and went out and got me an eggnog latte, just because! It made my morning. Then, on our drive in to work I listened to Christmas music for the first time this season (there were even remnants of snow left on the road from the dusting we got two nights ago). I kinda freaked out. I am beyonddd excited to celebrate our first Christmas together as a little family. 

Happy holidays, everyone! This weekend, give the people you cherish an extra long hug and make sure they know how grateful you are for them.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Glam Thanksgiving

I was just given the task of setting the Thanksgiving table, and let’s be honest, I’m going to take this really seriously. I’m in research phase (please direct me to any great tablescape inspirations!) and I stumbled across this gorgeous photo on Erin Ever After. Our family friend actually used giant sparkly stars like these above the Christmas table last year, and I loved them! Clearly, still in love. They’re a great way to add some glam to the table without shelling out the big bucks (I found these for $5/ea).

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! For all my readers in the United States it's a very special week... Thanksgiving week! For me that means a three day work week, fun times with the family and starting to celebrate Christmas! I just can’t wait!

This weekend was busy, but sadly I didn’t really take my camera out. So I have two little iphone photos instead. The first being Corey and me at Kell’s Irish Pub celebrating our friend’s birthday, and the next… Our new car!! It’s a Toyota Highlander, and the first car we’ve bought together. We already love it a ton! We can’t wait for all the adventures it’s going to take us on, starting this weekend with a drive over to snowy and beautiful Bend, Oregon! I learned that buying a car is stressful and time consuming, but we are really happy with the outcome.

What did you do this weekend?

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Isn't this just the perfect outfit for weekend adventures on a wet autumn day?
 Hope you're having a wonderful Saturday!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Oh my. For a moment there I wasn't sure I'd make it to the weekend! It was another crazy week at work, and I am overdue for some R&R. Tonight we'll be bidding farewell to our good friends who are sadly moving back to Argentina (their home country), and tomorrow night we'll be out celebrating a friend's birthday. Between the celebrations I plan on relaxing and getting through a good chunk of The Help, which I started yesterday.  Have any of you ready it?

What do you all have planned this weekend? I'd love to hear!

{photos by Angela Hardison}

Rain, Rain Go Away.

We've seen our fair share of rain this week. Is it too early in the season to say I'm over it? 
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Only five things this week. Not because I'm less thankful, but because I'm so busy I feel like my brain is about to explode. Nice visual, eh? Hope you're having a wonderful week! I am so ready for the weekend.

1. Eggnog lattes. I had my first one of the season yesterday and it was so delicious!

2. Noise-cancelling headphones. I’ve been swamped at work and we have an “open work environment” so sometimes it can be hard to get stuff done.

3. Our fireplace. It’s been chilly in Portland this week and cozying up to the fire is perfection.

4. My new Kate Spade iPhone case. It’s cute and functional. Thank goodness because I drop my phone a lot!

5. Thanksgiving being next week! That means a three-day weekend and lots of delicious food. 


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Quote of the Day

This quote really resonated with me as I work as a full-time copywriter. I often let the fear of being "wrong" get in the way of my creativity. Copywriting is so subjective and sometimes it can be intimidating to put your ideas out there. This quote was a refreshing reminder to keep my creativity alive!

In other news, I started a Formspring account! If you've ever wanted to ask me something (anything!) pop on over and do so. 

{via imagine}

Monday, November 15, 2010

Charity: Water Help Needed!

If you're reading this blog, you probably know the amazing reach and impact of the blogging community. Every day we share such inspiration, and many eventually turn this into a career, or start an online publication or realize a new passion. Today we have the opportunity to come together and show the power of this amazing online community we're a part of and benefit an extremely important cause.

Lauren at Aspiring Kennedy, Kelly of luxe + lillies and Helena from A Diary of Lovely have started a project they're calling Well Done. It benefits Charity: Water, an organization that is trying to provide clean drinking water to every human on the planet. A water well costs $5,000 and Kelly got word of a student that has already raised $4,000 and we want to help them get that remaining $1,000. 

Please donate what you can, $2, $5, $10, $100... Whatever you can afford. Think of something you can give up this week, a latte, a bottle of wine, a dinner out, and instead donate to this amazing charity, and use the power of the blogging community for good. Go here to make a donation.

Go! Donate now! Don't say you'll do it later, you won't. And you'll regret it. It takes three minutes and it is so worth it. 

And of course, grab the button, spread the word, make an impact!

Gorgeous Food Blog: Cannelle et Vanille

Temperatures have definitely dropped in the last week here in Portland, and there's something about the chilly weather that makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook some savory goodness. I stumbled across Aran's gorgeous gluten-free blog, Cannelle et Vanille, and I just had to share. The recipes aren't very difficult, but they are creative and unique. And best of all, she's a super talented photographer and stylist, so if nothing else, you will want to go through her archives and check out all the gorgeousness! Tonight, I'm planning on making the Leek, Butternut Squash and Potato Soup. Perfect for getting over my sickness and this fall weather.

{Photos by Aran at Cannelle et Vanille}

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

Well, there isn't a whole lot to recap, actually. It was a wet weekend, and I've been sick, so I spent most of it being lazy on the couch. I can't complain too much, though. We had the fire going, pumpkin spice coffee and even some Thai takeout, so it was quite cozy. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I am following after Lacey and in the spirit of November, the month of Thanksgiving, I’d like to celebrate Thankful Thursday. Here are ten things (big and little) that I am feeling grateful for today!

1. Our amazing families. They make the holidays something to look forward to.

2. Having a gym on campus at work. Working out gives me so much energy! I’m happier and more productive, and I love that.

3. My sister being a gluten-free/vegan. She is opening my eyes to all sorts of new restaurants and foods.

4. This song. I’m kind of obsessed.

5. Our wonderful apartment. We are so incredibly happy in our little home. Pictures coming soon, I promise!

6. The blog community. You guys are seriously so nice, it blows me away. Thank you for always encouraging my photography. It means so much!

7. The Today show. Lately I’ve been watching it in the morning while I get ready and drink my coffee, and I’m feeling more connected to what’s going on in the world and also just slowing down and starting my day off right.

8. Three years of dating and three months of marriage with my soul mate. There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t completely appreciate the love we’ve been blessed with. So excited for what the future holds for us!

9. Trader Joe’s Shrimp with Green Curry and Jasmine Rice. It’s a quick, affordable and delicious little meal for those nights I don’t have time to cook!

10. A tumblr blog devoted to French Bulldogs and one to Boston Terriers. I’m in loooove! Puppy fever, anyone? 

{Photos by Sharon Montrose}

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Must Make

This flourless chocolate cake with Frangelico looks too delicious to pass up. Especially when topped with raspberries and whipped cream! I can hardly imagine a better combination.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Snaps

A couple photos from our weekend in Southern California. 

The Simple Things...

Sometimes I get really excited about the little things in life. Like tonight, I can’t wait to get home, throw on my jammies, light some candles, clean our home sweet home (yes, I said I’m excited to clean) and cuddle up on the couch to watch DVRed shows. It may not sound like the most eventful evening, but I’ve come to find true joy in the little things. 


We're Back...

We had a lovely weekend in California. It was too short, of course. We arrived last night and went straight to bed. It's taking an extra cup of coffee to get me going today. More on our adventures later this week... Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a great Monday!