Wednesday, September 30, 2009


This morning, for the first morning in a long time, I ordered my regular Americano hot, instead of cold. Fall is officially upon us. Cozy up to someone you love!

Coffee stencil via Reading My Tea Leaves. More here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To Dos

{image courtesy of Pix Patisserie}

Corey and I did a great job of not over-planning our weekends this summer. We kind of became snobbish about our relaxation time. There were always plenty of things to do, but we chose not to do them. We stuck to simple activities like strolling through our neighborhood, laying on blankets in parks and going out for breakfast (not too far from home, mind you). I realized through all this time of doing nothing, I’ve racked up quite a list of things I want to do (and eat!). Here are my top five at the moment:

1. Corn Maze & Hay Ride at Kruger’s Farm

2. Try a French Macaron at Pix Patisserie

3. Visit the Portland Art Museum

4. Eat Breakfast at Pine State Biscuits

5. Make this pasta recipe using fresh made pasta from Portland's famous Pasta Works

What's on your To Do/To Eat list?

Viceroy Palm Springs

I really do love a cold rainy day here and there. It's perfect for a giant mug of hot cocoa, a big blanket and a snuggle sesh with C. But now that it's actually here all I'm doing is daydreaming of traveling somewhere hot and sunny (I am in November!). If I could pop onto a plane for a quick getaway right now, I would fly south to Palm Springs and stay at the Viceroy. Doesn't it look glamorous and relaxing? Love the bright pops of yellow against the black and white decor--so chic. If you could travel somewhere this very minute, where would you go?

{Images courtesy of The Viceroy}

Monday, September 28, 2009

Weather Trickery

This morning my iphone told me it was going to be 70-something degrees. Partly cloudy. The rest of the week looked like absolute crap—I mean some of the temperatures start with the number 5! Already! Boo. So, I decided I should take advantage of my last 70-something day for probably a long time and wear a bright peachy skirt (that's a picture of my skirt. but that's not me.).

Sure it was a crisp, chilly morning, but that’s no surprise in Oregon. I thought things would heat up. After freezing my buns off and feeling all my hair grow back on my legs while walking to the cafeteria for lunch I decided to give my iphone another look. New forecast. 63 degrees. How convenient. At noon you decide to tell me you were 10 degrees off. Grrrr. I am angry. And cold. That’s all…

image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Weekend Recap

{photo by Mike Houck}

Oh, by the way, happy Monday! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. What did you do? Corey and I watched the Chapman Swifts on Friday night, I attended a risqué birthday party (pole dancing class!...) on Saturday, and we spent Sunday on NW 23rd brunching, strolling and shopping. We ended the night at a new Italian restaurant in our neighborhood—more on that later. Overall it was a great weekend, but flew by far too quickly! 

Wallpaper City Guides

Have you ever read/used a Wallpaper City GuideI have to admit that despite my love for travel and research, somehow I’d never heard of these little gems. Thanks to the NEO-traditionalist, consider me enlightened. After reading her post I promptly popped across the street to Powell’s (have I ever mentioned I live next door to the World’s largest independent book store?) in hopes of picking up the Buenos Aires edition. To my dismay, they didn’t have it. But I did peruse the Antwerp edition and found that these paperback, pocket-sized guides are perfect for on-location tips and suggestions. They’re small but informative, and written for the design-conscious traveler. While they would be beautiful on display in the apartment, I have a feeling they’d be far too worn in and torn up to display after I took them abroad with me! Have you ever used a Wallpaper City Guide? What did you think?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Beach Photo Fun

Just some pictures from a trip we took to the beach this summer. I can't wait for a fall visit to the coast for some storm watching!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Doesn't this doggy make your heart melt and make you smile all at the same time? We ran into this little guy (a Toy Australian Shepherd puppy) while out and about in our neighborhood. I like to look at it whenever I'm having a long/tiring/sad/blah day and it always gives me a little lift. Hope it does the same for you :)


I saw these amazing paintings by Shauna on Rockstar Diaries and have absolutely fallen in love! I would love to have some of my own for our apartment. 

Photo Credit.

Art & Copy

This film about advertising and inspiration looks super interesting. I can completely relate to the opening statement in the trailer. Would you go see this? Does the advertising industry interest or intrigue you?

More info here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Peanut Butter Cup Cake

So, here it is. The first two-layer cake I've ever made! This cake doesn't mess around it. It is insanely rich and delicious. If you or someone you love loves peanut butter, you gotta make this!In case you missed it here, find the recipe here!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekend Recap

{image courtesy of James Merrell via Frolic! via This is Glamorous}

Happy Monday! Well… as happy as a Monday gets. How was your weekend? Mine was incredibly relaxing. On Saturday, don’t judge, I stayed in my PJs until 6:30 p.m. Corey ventured out of the apartment to bring us back some takeout for lunch, but I wrapped myself in my cloud-like comforter and watched TV and movies allll day. It was absolutely glorious!

Sunday I baked this incredible Peanut Butter Cup Cake for Corey’s Mom’s birthday. I’ll post pictures as soon as I upload them. I was very proud as it was my first-ever two-layer cake!

What did you do this weekend? I’d love to hear all about it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Kind of Flower

Speaking of Mom... And flowers... I broke out my Mama's vintage Escada flower yesterday. I think it brought me good luck as I had one of the best days I've had at work in quite a while. It wasn't thanks to all the stares and comments I got. Normally at work I (and everybody else) wear a hoodie and sneakers. Needless to say this look confused people. One person even asked me if it was my birthday... Because apparently that's the only day anyone is aloud to "dress up". My love for fashion is such a lost cause in the work place. Anyhow, today I'm back in my sweatshirt and jeans (and I have to admit my feet are a lot happier!). The weekend is just around the corner... Hooray!

Mama's Garden

My mom has an enviable green thumb. Her garden is lush, colorful and growing like crazy! I took my new camera over to the house to capture some of the beauty. Hope you enjoy.

Proud Portlander

Yes, I want to live in Europe for a couple years. And yes, when I was 18 I swore I hated Oregon (tree-hugging granola people!!!). But I've come a long way in my love affair with my home-city. And I'm proud to say that I love it with all my heart and can't see myself settling down anywhere else. Watch the video to get a glimpse into why I adore it so very much:

You can also watch the video here.
p.s. Thanks Jena!
P.P.S. Video courtesy of Sockeye Creative Inc

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jeffrey Campbell Vera Wedges

Oh, they're so cute it hurts! If only I had an extra $120 laying around... Sigh...

Customized SIGG Water Bottles

The world needs more SIGG water bottles. Now you can personalize your own. Would you? 
See more options here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Here Comes The Sun

I couldn't sleep last night. Or this morning for that matter. Didn't even snooze the alarm once. Ask Corey, that NEVER happens. On the one hand, I'm exhausted and have mushy brain, on the other, I got to watch a breathtaking sunrise from the balcony... Off to work...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back To Basics

While I love bright orange hued nails in Summer and OPI Lincoln Park in the Dark in the Winter, sometimes I need a break from the bold nail colors. I've been looking for a great basic to wear during these times and I've found it! Essie Eternal Optimist. It's a beige color perfect for when you're in the mood for an opaque-y nude color. Ever tried it?

Go Now: Noble Rot

{picture of the view didn't turn out-- but isn't the inside amazing?!}

Last Friday Corey and I shared a bottle of wine at Noble Rot, a gorgeous wine bar with a stunning view of the city. Right now, it's definitely one of my favorite spots in Portland. If you're a Portland resident, you probably know that Departure on top of The Nines Hotel is getting a lot of hype, and no offense to it- it's beautiful- but it's a bit stuffy. If you're looking for something different, the view at Noble Rot is incomparable as it's on the east side of the river and you can actually see the city, and the atmosphere is refreshing and much more laid back. So, if you're around, go there. Now! You won't regret it. And don't miss the cheese plate. Mmmm.

Weekend Recap

Welcome to Monday, friends! How was your weekend? Short-lived? Yeah, mine too. What did you do? Anything fun? I'd really love to hear.

The highlight of our weekend was wine tasting for Corey's brother's birthday (Trevor). It was a heck of a lot different than this wine tour. But still lots of fun. Corey and I even joined a wine club! I feel so sophisticated (ha!).

Oh yeah! On Friday, I got a new camera! I absolutely love it. Kind of like it's a new baby. I bring it with me everywhere. And make sure not-a-thing hurts it. It can't be healthy. But I'm sure lots of you photographers out there can relate. Right? I'm just a beginner, but I'm having fun playing so far. Below are some pictures from the weekend. Enjoy (and don't make fun...)!

(more photos here)

Saturday, September 12, 2009


love you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Strawberry Cream Puffs

I love comments so much. Why, you ask? Well aside from the fact that it reassures me somebody is actually reading my ramblings, it introduces me to even more wonderful blogs to read.

Today, fellow Portlander Jaime of Jwalk and Talk left me a little message. And before I knew it I was checking out her great blog and found a scrumptious recipe for Strawberry Cream Puffs (originally posted by design* sponge).

So tonight I whipped them up as a pre-weekend treat. They were so delicious (especially the home-made whipped cream). I ate two so quickly I almost forgot to breathe. Yumm! Thanks to Jaime for enlightening me :) Hope to hear from more bloggers out there soon!


(via Snippet & Ink)
This inspiration board from Snippet and Ink is so gorgeous! As summer winds down I'm clinging to bright, sunny colors for as long as I can... Also adoring the retro elements here (I'd love to drive off into the sunset in a shiny, old-fashioned car). Very cute! 

My Five Things

Hi long lost blogger friends! My, my has it been a busy week so far! I have not had a moment to sit down and update my blog this week. It saddens me so! Blogging is one of my most favorite things to do to de-stress. I have lots of posts I'll get around to writing very, very soon.

In the meantime... Have you read The Lil Bee? One of my most favoriteee blogs out there? Of course you have! Well, Melisa started this great series about five things you would like to do in your lifetime. I was so excited to participate. Check out my five things here! And have a great Thursday-- weekend's almost here :)

(image courtesy of The Lil Bee)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Belated Happy Weekend!

G'day! Happy Sunday. Or Saturday since lots of us have work off tomorrow. Hooray! What have you been up to this weekend? Corey and I have been deep cleaning the apartment and attending family gatherings, mostly.

In between, I made Magnolia Bakery's famous Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting. If you are looking for an amazing go-to cupcake recipe, this is your winner. They are the perfect moistness, easy to make, and hello-- they're from Magnolia Bakery! You just can't go wrong!

{recipe here}

Friday, September 4, 2009

Over The Knee Socks

Fall is rearing its ugly head this weekend (I'm all for beautiful falling leaves, but Autumn in Portland = massive amounts of rain. yuck!). So I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that easy sundresses and fun sandals should be stowed away until next July (seriously, that's when Summer starts here. If we're lucky.).

When thinking about what I'm most excited to wear this season it has to be the over-the-knee trend. Worn right, knee-high socks and boots are so chic and fashion forward. Worn wrong? Well, you look like an S.L.U.T. So! I'm always up for a good challenge. Here are some of the inspirations I plan to draw from when trying to do this right.

(photo credits, top to bottom, left to right: via Camp Comfort, via Just Jared, lost track of this credit (found it on a Vogue Australia fashion forum) please let me know if you know the source!, via Lookbook, via Photobucket, via Chicisimo)