Monday, September 28, 2009

Weather Trickery

This morning my iphone told me it was going to be 70-something degrees. Partly cloudy. The rest of the week looked like absolute crap—I mean some of the temperatures start with the number 5! Already! Boo. So, I decided I should take advantage of my last 70-something day for probably a long time and wear a bright peachy skirt (that's a picture of my skirt. but that's not me.).

Sure it was a crisp, chilly morning, but that’s no surprise in Oregon. I thought things would heat up. After freezing my buns off and feeling all my hair grow back on my legs while walking to the cafeteria for lunch I decided to give my iphone another look. New forecast. 63 degrees. How convenient. At noon you decide to tell me you were 10 degrees off. Grrrr. I am angry. And cold. That’s all…

image courtesy of Urban Outfitters