Friday, September 4, 2009

Over The Knee Socks

Fall is rearing its ugly head this weekend (I'm all for beautiful falling leaves, but Autumn in Portland = massive amounts of rain. yuck!). So I guess I have to come to terms with the fact that easy sundresses and fun sandals should be stowed away until next July (seriously, that's when Summer starts here. If we're lucky.).

When thinking about what I'm most excited to wear this season it has to be the over-the-knee trend. Worn right, knee-high socks and boots are so chic and fashion forward. Worn wrong? Well, you look like an S.L.U.T. So! I'm always up for a good challenge. Here are some of the inspirations I plan to draw from when trying to do this right.

(photo credits, top to bottom, left to right: via Camp Comfort, via Just Jared, lost track of this credit (found it on a Vogue Australia fashion forum) please let me know if you know the source!, via Lookbook, via Photobucket, via Chicisimo)