Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! For all my readers in the United States it's a very special week... Thanksgiving week! For me that means a three day work week, fun times with the family and starting to celebrate Christmas! I just can’t wait!

This weekend was busy, but sadly I didn’t really take my camera out. So I have two little iphone photos instead. The first being Corey and me at Kell’s Irish Pub celebrating our friend’s birthday, and the next… Our new car!! It’s a Toyota Highlander, and the first car we’ve bought together. We already love it a ton! We can’t wait for all the adventures it’s going to take us on, starting this weekend with a drive over to snowy and beautiful Bend, Oregon! I learned that buying a car is stressful and time consuming, but we are really happy with the outcome.

What did you do this weekend?