Saturday, August 6, 2011

Guest Post: Fairy Tales Are True

While Corey, Henry and I work on getting settled in Amsterdam, the lovely Sarah from Fairy Tales are True graciously agreed to stop by and guest post for me! I'm sure you already know Sarah, but if you don't, she writes one of my favorite blogs in the entire world. Her and her husband, JB, are living in Switzerland, traveling all throughout Europe and she takes the most insanely gorgeous photos everywhere she goes. Oh, and did I mention she also looks like she stepped out of a magazine while on these trips? I had to know what her travel secrets were {so I could steal, ahem, borrow, them}, so she is here to share them with us! Thanks, Sarah!! I'll be back soon with photos from our first few days in Amsterdam!


Hi Liz's Friends!
I'm Sarah Tucker from fairy tales are true.  
I love Liz!  Truth be told I've been a big fan of her long before I found her blog (which left me gleefully giddy upon discovery) ... I was made a big Liz fan when I saw her wedding literally explode across the blogosphere.  I thought, this is a girl who knows what she loves and instead of shying away from it and playing it safe, she executes.  And the result was an absolutely stunning wedding.  Then to find her blog and see that she has that same style, beauty, and grace that I was first drawn to was pretty much perfection.  

And now she's moving!  To Amsterdam - one of my favorite places in Europe.  
{that's me!  drinking a dutch beer in Amsterdam!}
I am so excited for them!
Liz, Corey, and Henry are going to have the most incredible experiences, fall even more in love ... and we're going to benefit by all her gorgeous pictures and travel tales.  
Also ... Liz and I will be on the same time zone!!  yayyyy!  (:
About that ... I'm currently living in Switzerland and traveling as much as I can, while I can.

So here are some tips for easy breazy, stylish, and cheap, sojourning in Europe! 

1.  Skyscanner is amazing!  You can put in your city and then put in "everywhere", if you're flexible search an entire month - and the destinations will appear like magic.  The cheapest first!  
Skyscanner has been good to us and our wallet.

2.  If you're like me you want to look as cute as possible but don't want to pay to check a bag.  
I pack lots of dresses as I feel comfortable in them while still being chic without much effort. 
I find statement jewelry goes a long way and so does a fun scarf.  
& this list, found here, is always a helpful guide.

3.    Treat yourself a bit.  If you have great products and feel great it won't matter that you aren't staying in a 5 star hotel.  For instance, I'm miserable without good shampoo and conditioner - so I stock up on the essentials in travel sizes.  Also, I'm all about prevention - take your vitamins & emergen-C  and you will be good to go.  Below is a photo of products I simply can't live without while traveling.  Plus they are all a-OK for your carry-on. 
odds & ends. for Paraben free travel (:  
alpha beta glow pads - the best self tanner on the go. 
tom's sensitive toothpaste.
hair ties - don't forget!  i have before, and it wasn't pretty.
vitamins; tumeric, probiotic, magnesium, peppermint(for nausea)  ... 
& advil and benedryl for any allergies that may arise.  
emergen-C ... I take these before I step foot in an airport and at the first sign of a little cold.
my mom's organic skincare products in little sizes. 
tom's travel size deodorant 
pureology travel size shampoo & conditioner

4.  To make your flight and downtime more enjoyable I invested in a kindle, eye mask, and i-touch/i-phone.
The kindle is my constant companion as an ex-pat as finding cheap english books is a challenge.  The eye mask is great on planes and trains for some quick shut eye.  The i-touch pretty much rocks my world.  I don't bring my laptop when on holiday - just use this as needed.  The apps I love most for traveling or being abroad are:
  • textnow - its free! i can text everyone from home, send photos, even place calls with an internet connection.
  • whitenoise app - pretty much amazing for getting some much needed good sleep after a long day of sightseeing or traveling.  
  • currency converter - this can definitely help out when you're bouncing between currencies.
  • Viaden Yoga  - I love this app for yoga at home or on the go. 
  • TripDeck - helps keep all of your information in one place.  It'll also notify you if your flight schedule has changed.

5.  Don't forget to make a list and check it twice!
found here

Happy Traveling Everyone!
Here's to hoping Liz, Corey, and Henry's move goes amazingly smooth!