Thursday, August 18, 2011

8 Hours in San Francisco

The week before Corey and I moved across the world, I had to fly to San Francisco for the day to finish up some Visa paperwork at the Dutch consulate there. Sadly, since Corey didn't have a job in the Netherlands yet (and still doesn't... yet...), he didn't have a need to go with me. I was so bummed we wouldn't be able to see the city together. Luckily, I got to meet up with Nicole from La Mia Vita, who so graciously drove me around town, took me to an adorable lunch spot, and helped one of my dreams come true....

Even though I lived in Portland, a nine hour drive or two hour flight, from San Francisco, I had never actually been to the city. It's one of those cities we always intended to go visit, but just never got around to. While I clearly didn't have the time to see most of it, flying in and out in one day, I did get to visit the one thing I've always dreamed of  seeing in real life: The Golden Gate Bridge!!! And let me tell you, it was even more beautiful in person! I totally lucked out and got a nice day with barely any cloud cover, so I could see the beauty clearly :) I have to thank Nicole SO much for showing me around her absolutely enchanting city. She is seriously the sweetest girl, so beautiful and genuine, and we chatted for hours like we were old friends! I really hope she comes to visit in Amsterdam! She knows she's got a place to stay :)

Here are just a few snaps from my eight hours in San Fran: