Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend in Broek en Waterlaand: Part I

You guys... This weekend was so amazing! It went far beyond my expectations. The B&B was GORGEOUS, and despite a minor snafu of them putting us in the wrong room the first night (long story), we still had such a special time. I have so many pictures I have to split them up into a couple posts! 

So, Broek en Waterlaand is about 20 minute north of Amsterdam. We took a cheap (ok, relatively cheap - everything here is SO expensive) bus ride and were there before we knew it! It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We checked in and then headed out to explore the grounds. The views didn't disappoint! 

A couple hours later we headed out for dinner. The walk wasn't far as we were staying in a tiny little town. And the place was packed. Almost thought we weren't going to get a table without "a reservation"! But luckily, they found a spot for us and ohhh my gosh the food was out of this world good. So good that we went back the next night! Then, as we walked back after our delicious meal we were greeted by this incredible sunset. Straight out of the camera, folks! Absolutely beautiful. I couldn't stop staring. The weekend was off to a phenomenal start.

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}