Thursday, August 18, 2011

Guest Post: La Mia Vita

Speaking of Nicole! Before I moved I had asked her to guest post for me while we got settled in Amsterdam. We both got super busy (her with a new teaching job - congrats, Nicole!), and me with the move, and so things got a bit delayed. But now she's here and I couldn't be more excited to have her over guest posting on my blog! She has some AWESOME travel tips for you all, that I will most definitely be putting to good use very, very soon :) Enjoy!


Hi I'm Nicole from La Mia Vita! Thank you Liz for asking me to guest post while you settle into your new amazing life in Amsterdam. Jealous is an understatement!
Thanks to my mother who passed on her love of traveling, I have made traveling  and seeing new places a huge priority in my life. 

{Rome, Italy}

Travel Tips:

Be Flexible
Things are going to happen, flights/trains get missed, hotel reservations get messed up, places that you think will be wonderful turn out to be crap holes. Just breathe and try to have the best time anyways.
{Capitola, Ca}

Find your own special places
Research where you're going, things to do, restaurants, etc. But make sure to just wander around, take in the beauty and find your own special places in the city/country your visiting. Most likely those will be the places you love and remember the best.

{Maui, Hawaii}
Stay Healthy
Take your vitamins and Emergen-C
Nothings worse than being sick when on vacation or traveling
{San Felipe, Baja Mexico}
Pack clothes you can layer and comfortable walking shoes. Always bring a bathing suit no matter where you're going. Bring your absolute essentials with you carry on.
{Brella, Croatia}
The photographer in me
Don't forget your camera, a well charged battery and/or extra battery and memory card. Consider a travel external hard drive.

Thanks again Liz and good luck with settling into your new home country!