Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gender Reveal Party!

One of my very good friends, Meghan, and her man, Jeff, are expecting a baby! Megs is my first really close friend to get pregnant, and I am so incredibly excited for her! I was so sad when I realized I would be in Amsterdam for the last half of her pregnancy, not to mention the first couple years of her baby's life. That's one of the things that makes living abroad so hard. We'll inevitably have to miss some important events in our friend's and family's lives. But I wasn't going to let myself get off that easy. I wanted Meghan and Jeff to know how much their baby meant to me - so I offered to throw them a gender reveal party! They were totally into the idea, so I started planning!

Here's how it worked: Meghan and Jeff went to their ultrasound appointment and told their technician to keep the gender a secret from them. She then wrote the result down, put it in an envelope (along with the ultrasound photo) and sealed it. Meghan and Jeff then gave me the envelope to guard with my life. With the help of my cupcake genius friend, Jenna, we punched out the center of 80 cupcakes, filled them with the frosting color that corresponded with the baby's gender (pink or blue!) then frosted the tops so you couldn't see any evidence.  Then, everyone  at the party bit into their cupcakes at the same time as Meghan and Jeff, and all found out together what they were having. Take a peek!

{Photos & Video © Liz Denfeld}