Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Today is the very last day of 2009. This was a very rough year for many people. I am beyond thankful that we dodged the hardships many people out there experienced. Somehow, 2009 was actually one of our best and most memorable years yet. Here’s a recap of our 2009 (because I never want to forget it!), and here’s to a wonderful 2010. Happy New Year!

We traveled to Costa Rica

Went to a wedding in L.A. and a wedding in Oregon wine country

Had a 70s roller disco birthday party

Rode tandem bikes

Moved in together into a beautiful apartment in the Pearl District

Had a summer picnic lunch

Watched many beautiful sunsets & danced on our balcony

Spent a wonderful weekend in Sunriver, OR with our favorite couple

I baked my first cake

Infused some delicious vodka (which reminds me, we really need to do that again…)

Found our way through a corn maze and drank beer out of mason jars at Kruger’s Farm

We celebrated our two year anniversary

I traveled to Amsterdam for work….

….and Corey showed up and surprised me and PROPOSED!

Spent 2.5 weeks in South America

& much, much more!!

Looking forward to marrying my best friend in 2010 and making even more great memories with friends and family. Hope you all have a safe and festive night!


*this post was inspired by this post on Rockstar Diaries!