Monday, January 23, 2012

{Weekend Recap}

Is it Monday already? Just like the week, this past weekend flew. Here's what were were up to:

+Friday I took my cousin to a cute little French restaurant along a canal for dinner. It was so fun catching up and partaking in some good 'ol girl talk.

+Brunched at Le Pain Quotidien (and enjoyed the most delicious freshly made mint lemonade)

+Experienced the Anne Frank museum. It was incredibly powerful and heart wrenching. If you're ever in Amsterdam I recommend you not miss it.

+Shopped around the Nine Streets.

+Took my cousin to our favorite Thai restaurant

+Discovered a new (adorable!!!) pastry/sandwich shop called "De Laatste Kruimel" (The Last Crumb) that is dangerously close to our apartment.

+Started Season 3 of Dexter. 

+Met our downstairs neighbor who had us over for drinks. She's super sweet and she gave us a bunch of restaurant suggestions we can't wait to try!

+Had dinner with a bunch of coworkers who are in town from the States. You have no idea how comforting it is to have them all here. I miss their familiar faces!

What did you do this weekend? Do you feel like you need another day to recover like me?