Thursday, January 26, 2012

{Thoughts on Blogging & Such}

I’ve been thinking a lot this week. About everything, but mostly about blogging. Sometimes I am totally feeling social media and the blogosphere and all that. I feel so incredibly inspired by everything I see and read, and I feel proud to be part of such an amazing and supportive community. Other days I wonder why I blog and I feel kind of like a weirdo for doing it. I get insecure when I think about people in my life who might come here and read my blog and think it’s stupid, think I’m too positive, think I’m bragging, think I’m ugly or dumb or can’t write. I think all of these terrible things. Sometimes I desperately want to put more time and effort into this blog – have more sponsors, more followers, more comments. And then other times I wonder why the hell I even care about that stuff? Who cares how many visits I get? Why am I blogging anyway? It’s a question I am seriously thinking about. To be honest, I don’t get very deep on my blog. I am a very thoughtful and inquisitive person, but I stay pretty surface level around here. There are lots of reasons for that. For one, I don’t know who’s out there reading this blog so it can be super intimidating (and frankly a little strange) to bare my soul to all of you. And on the other hand, I can't stop thinking about how more often than not when I tell people I know in "real life" I write a blog, I just get really weird stares and questions wondering why I would put my life on the internet. It is pretty weird if you think about it, right? But most days I know why. It’s because I read all these blogs that give me such great ideas for anything and everything (dinner, crafts, gifts, you name it!), I read blogs about people who make me want to be a better wife, sister and daughter, I read blogs that remind me to be thankful for everything I have and everything I experience in life. I want to be one of those blogs for my readers. I want you all to come here and to feel good and happy and inspired and feel like if you have a dream then you should go out and get after it. I never, ever want anyone to come here and read what I write and think I’m just bragging or that I think I am the coolest person ever who cooks and bakes and takes photos and has an amazing husband and perfect little life. Yeah, right. NOBODY is perfect. I wear ugly things, lose my temper, feel depressed some days and wonder why anyone would ever look up to me. But this blog helps me find the good in my life, in myself and in the world. I don’t want to come here and post about how mad or sad I feel about some things because who’s that going to help? Not me and not you. I actually have no idea where I’m going with this. This week was just one of those weeks where I was feeling a little more reclusive and private and didn’t feel like posting much. But I wanted to come here and “talk” to you in a sort of stream of consciousness. I just wanted to be real and to let you in on a few things that were going on in my head. I don’t know where I want this blog to go or what I really want the purpose of it to be. But as long as I am inspiring you and as long as I’m having fun then I’m going to keep at it. I appreciate every single one of you for coming here to see what I post and I love hearing from you guys. Sorry for the rambling today. I hope at least one person will read this and relate to my random thoughts :)

We’re off to Berlin tomorrow so I’ve got to go pack and clean (the not-so-glamorous part of traveling!). Hope you all are having a wonderful week. 

And what's a post without a photo? I snapped this one a couple weekends ago on an evening walk in Amsterdam.