Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Bachelorette Weekend

I got a formspring question asking me what I did for my bachelorette party and what I wore. I posted a couple photos from the weekend here, but always intended to post more and never did! So I thought it would be fun to finally share the rest of the fun pictures.

My best girls and I jetted down to Palm Springs and stayed at The Viceroy. I loved the hotel. As one of my bridesmaids said as we walked in, it was so me.

Our first night in town we went out for Mexican and margaritas, then grabbed a few more drinks as we relaxed on the loungers by the pool.

The next day we spent laying by the pool, spending most of the time in the pool as it was 110 degrees! It was hot, but shockingly it wasn’t uncomfortable. I love the heat and I was in heaven. The girls were ridiculously sweet and surprised me with a massage in the spa. It was so amazinggg and the room I got the massage in was equally amazing! When it’s not 100+ degrees they give you the massage in a cabana outside!

That night we went all out. And let's be honest friends, not everything in life is meant for the blogosphere's eyes. We had a good time. But what happens in Palm Springs, stays in Palm Springs ;) Here are a few photos from the night I can show you!

Hope you all enjoyed this little recap! Don't forget you can see even more photos here!