Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend we...

Took Henry over to the in-laws, ate take-out Chinese and cooed over photos and videos of our adorable niece.

Double-dated with my sissy and her boyfriend who was in town from L.A. We had a delicious dinner at Jo Bar and then played Taboo ‘till 1 a.m. It was so much fun!

Finally experienced the famous Mancakes from Stepping Stone CafĂ©. They are huge buttermilk pancakes that were featured on Man vs. Food (one of Corey’s favorite shows). They were gigantic, fluffy and delicious!

Took a walk in Washington Park. It smelled like Spring and there are so many beautiful houses in the west hills. We daydreamed about buying a home up there someday and taking our kids to play on the swing sets.

And Henry lost his first baby tooth! Our little man is growing up so fast…

Hope you had a great weekend! What did you do?