Thursday, March 17, 2011

For Japan, With Love.

The devastation in Japan has paralyzed many of us and often times left us feeling hopeless and helpless. I know it has been hard for me to keep my eyes off the news and stop reading about the misery the people of Japan are enduring. Luckily, many people around the world are coming together to aid the country and help them rebuild and get through this horrific disaster. There is so much to be done. It will take weeks, months, even years to return to a sense of normalcy, but everyone should do their small part to help. Every dollar counts, so donate what you can (even if it’s not a lot) and join the blogging community tomorrow for a day of silence in remembrance of those lost and those still trying to get through this trying time.

Endless thanks to Lydia from Ever Ours and Lucia from Uterly Engaged for putting this together. Learn more about their efforts here.