Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!

2009 was such an incredible year, it was hard to imagine it could be topped. But 2010 accomplished the impossible, and even though I said this last year, I really do think this year was the best yet.  I feel so incredibly blessed to have found true love, to have such an incredible, supportive and loving family, and to have a great job that helps me live a fortunate lifestyle. Here's a recap of our 2010, and here's to hoping we never forget our incredible adventures. 

We planned and re-planned our honeymoon.
We enjoyed cozy Sunday mornings at home.
We ate at Lovejoy Bakers too many times to count and visited the Farmer's Market.
We moved. Twice
Spent an amazing weekend in Willamette Valley wine country for my birthday.
I had two incredibly gorgeous bridal showers.
I took two photography classes, got a new camera lens and have deepened my love of photography.
My best girls and I celebrated my last days as a bachelorette in sunny Palm Springs.
We finally took our engagement photos a month before the wedding!
I counted down the months to marriage.
I married my best friend.
We honeymooned in Kauai. 
We went to a wedding in Milwaukee and a wedding in Pasadena.
I tried a new look. Didn't last long.
Corey and I celebrated three years since our first date!
I decorated the Thanksgiving table.
I dreamt of adding a furbaby to our little family, and those dreams came true when we welcomed Henry this Christmas!
We celebrated our first married Christmas together.

And tonight, we're going to ring in the new year and hope for many more happy memories!

Thank you so much for following along our journeys. It means so much to have you all here. You are the most supportive, inspiring group of readers I could ask for. Hope you have an exciting and safe evening. Happy 2011!