Tuesday, March 13, 2012

{Back From Edinburgh}

Goodness, has it really been a week since I last posted? I've been a bad blogger.
Life has just been so busy lately. Between work, travel and trying to have a social life sometimes I don't have the energy to blog. 
I still have a zillion photos from Seville to share with you. I'm really hoping I can get those done this week!
But for now, I leave you with a few photos from our day trip (from Edinburgh) to St. Andrews this past weekend. 
Let's just say we had a really good time. Particularly me. This is my happy dance. 
Or what happens when husband tells me to show him "my moves". He didn't know what was coming!
We had the most incredible weekend hanging out with Megan + Stephen (she made me laugh so hard I cried!) and I just cannot wait to tell you all about it!! I wish culling and editing photos and getting all my thoughts down didn't take so darn long.
Anyways, hope you hang in there with me - lots of good stuff to come :)
{Photos by my lovely husband!}