Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Wedding Rehearsal

I suppose I'm kind of going backwards in terms of wedding festivities. And who am I kidding, after two months you're probably already sick of hearing about our wedding. But I'm going to do this post anyways :)

The night before our wedding, my most amazing in-laws threw us a beautiful wedding rehearsal on the rooftop of the building we were living in. We were 24 floors up in an immaculately decorated room with stunning views of the city. It was so perfect, and so us. We decided to serve pizza, beer and wine from all around Portland and the Pacific Northwest. We served some of our favorites like Hot Lips, Hopworks and Rovente. Not only was it all delicious, but we had pizza left over for days (I wasn't complaining!). Everything about the night was so full-of-love and casual and calm. We couldn't have asked for anything more. My mother-in-law surprised us with s'mores for dessert. It was the cutest thing and they were so fun to make! It was the most incredible kick-off to the most amazing weekend of our lives! And now, the pictures!

Getting ready...

Me and my best girls!

Me and the most amazing mama in the world!!!

My adorable in-laws. Celebrating 37 years of marriage on Wednesday! What an inspiration!!

Not sure what's so funny, but this really shows what an awesome time I was having :)

There were also some tears. Very happy tears, of course!


The Denfeld clan :)

Photos by Jessica Nelson and Tricia Seabold