Thursday, October 21, 2010

Our Wedding: The Ceremony

Where do I begin? Our ceremony was so special, and the reason for it all, right? I was the happiest girl in the world listening to Corey recite his beautiful vows and I have never been so sure of the promises I made to Corey.

My mom raised me and my sisters and I wish there was a way to explain how amazing she is. She gave everything she had to make an incredible life for me and my sisters. I get emotional thinking about how grateful I am to have somebody in my life who loves me so much and would do anything for me. It goes without saying that she walked me down the aisle, and that was extremely special to me.
We had my good friend Jenna recite a beautiful poem by Rumi and our officiant gave a beautiful talk about us and our journey. We mostly held it together, except for a minute while I was saying my vows. It was all really magical and so real in that moment. Before the wedding I thought it might be nerve-wracking to say these extremely important words in front of 100+ people, but much like our first look, everything and everyone around me sort of faded away. I just remember holding Corey’s hands tight, looking intently into his gorgeous blue eyes and feeling extremely present in that moment.
There were, of course, a couple funny and unexpected moments. Our DJ played the wrong processional song, so my walk down the aisle was very long and very slow as I thought he would realize and switch the song. But no. Sometimes I still feel bitter about it, but looking back, of all the things that could’ve gone wrong, that really didn’t even matter and wasn’t a huge deal. When I got down to the end of the aisle, Corey gave my mom a hug and showed her to her seat. Then he came back to me and out of habit, we went in for a kiss. I quickly realized we are not aloud to kiss until we’re announced as husband and wife and pretty dramatically jerked back and yelled out “no!” without even thinking! Then everyone started laughing, including Corey and I, and it really put us at ease. Lastly, our officiant started the ceremony and forgot to tell everyone in the audience that they could be seated. So for a good long while everyone was just standing up! It was kind of hilarious. 

After the ceremony we snuck out through the farmhouse and signed our marriage license, making it really official. We were SO smiley and we couldn't stop kissing :) It felt so amazing to finally be married! 

Next, it's time to boogie. Our reception!

P.S. Erin over at Apartment 34 featured me and my gorgeous bridesmaids on her blog yesterday. I couldn't be more honored! Check it out here.