Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Wedding: The First Look

Aside from hearing Corey’s vows, our first look was my most favorite part of our wedding day. I remember being totally paranoid that he was going to see me before the official first look (we were both hanging out in this small farmhouse)!

When it was time, Jill walked me down through the farmhouse out to a little clearing where I caught my first glimpse of Corey sitting at a white picnic table with his back to me. I was completely flooded with emotion. I hadn’t even seen his face yet, but just the sight of the back of him all dressed up in his suit, sitting up so tall, brought me to tears! I had to take a minute to compose myself before finally walking up to him.

Before our wedding day I had daydreamed how our first look would feel. A couple times I wondered if it would be strange to have Jill right there taking photos, if it would take away from the intimacy of that moment. But let me tell you, I didn’t even realize she was there! Everything else faded away and it happened really fast. Before I knew it we were looking at each other hugging and kissing and smiling and being so excited that our day had finally come! It was an amazingly magical moment I will never forget!

After our first look we spent about 45 minutes taking tons of photos together. I'll post some of my favorite portraits tomorrow! I had a harder time than I thought trying to narrow down my favorites :)