Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Taking on Italian

I don't spend enough time with my Mom. The longer I'm officially out of the nest, the harder it seems to find my way back for a little hang out time with her. I found the perfect solution for us to get some quality time in (not sitting in her workroom flipping through mounds of fashion magazines, as usual).

We're going to take Italian classes! She actually mentioned this months ago and I'm just now inspired to go for it. Who better to learn Italian with than the person who took me there? Heck, the person who taught me to love Andrea Bocelli and Italian high-fashion. Mama, of course!

My rusty Romanian actually makes it difficult to learn another romance language (I'm constantly mixing them up, trying to blend words from both languages). Now that I have quite a few years of Spanish under my belt I'm wondering how tossing a third one in there will go... Only time will tell.

I'll keep you posted and pass on some of my learnings! Wish me luck! Now if only I could find that picture of me with that pigeon on my head in Piazza San Marco.....