Monday, May 11, 2009

Is One the Loneliest Number?

Yesterday (Mother’s Day) I hosted the ladies of the fam over at my new apartment for a little dinner party to celebrate our mamas. It was so fun reversing roles for a night, although I’m pretty sure I couldn’t handle that role permanently… Anna, Julie and I cooked a delectable dinner while the moms sat back and relaxed with a glass of Prosecco.

When our bellies were full and the dishes were done, the ladies of the fam left me…. Alone.

The moment I shut the door confusion and dread consumed me. I realized I forgot how to be alone. Corey and I have only been living together for a month and a half, and yet having someone by my side 24/7 has already become normal. If I’m not with him, I’m having happy hour with friends, or going out for a movie with my mom… I’m always with someone.

At first, I couldn’t shake that feeling that something was amiss. But that feeling subsided as soon as I realized my mom brought me my new issue of Glamour (there are few things that get me more excited than a new issue of Glamour…but that’ll have to be for a different day…).

Anyhow, memories of my SSBs (secret single behavior…Sex & The City, anyone?) came rushing back. I felt completely content cuddling up in my cloud-like comforter, reading my magazine in complete and utter silence, all by my lonesome. Maybe one isn't the loneliest number after all?