Monday, May 4, 2009

Beachy Keen

I can't remember the last time I took a trip to the Oregon Coast. And that's a problem. Normally at this point I'd be daydreaming about strolling down the quaint streets of downtown Cannon Beach, stopping for a mouthwatering slice at Pizza a'fetta, or sitting outside Bella Espresso sipping a raspberry white mocha. But to my disappointment, Cannon Beach just keeps getting more and more crowded. It's hard to admire the small-town charm when you're battling strollers, dogs, children and a million passerby on the sidewalks. Kind of loses its luster in the midst of all the chaos.

Now my sights are set on the less overrun beach town of Manzanita. Just 13 miles south of Cannon Beach, this peaceful town has an antique air that lures you in, without the crowds. Whether you're looking to take in a breathtaking sunset, browse the ma 'n pop shops, or hike up to hug point and steal some smooches over a bottle of wine, Manzanita has it all.

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And since one day in this hidden gem isn't enough, make it a weekend getaway in the newly renovated Coast Cabins. Perfect for an intimate stay with your sweetie or a fun bonding trip with friends or family. The cabin interiors are "well designed and artfully decorated, with such touches as Tibetan carpets, original art, and unusual lighting fixtures." Relax inside or sit around the communal fire pit and take in the sweet smell of ocean beach. The Coast Cabins in Manzanita leave nothing to be desired. Except maybe a trip back very, very soon....

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