Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shopaholic, Not So Anonymous

Why do I do this? Why do I convince myself time-and-time-again that I can "window shop"... Just "browse"... Yeah. Right.

I'm in a predicament. I'm this close to purchasing a sweatshirt I've had my eye on for months... months people! The catch? It's two-hundred buckaroos. That's pretty steep for a sweatshirt, right? But not for the most fabulous, unique, perfect sweatshirt ever made! Right?....

Check out the pics and let me know if you think it's "two-hundred dollars cute", as I like to ask myself. But warning: I might not take your opinion. I am a shopaholic, after all.

Can't you see it? With jeans and boots.... With black tights and chunky heels... With jeans and sneakers?! (Normally, once I've gotten to the point of fantasizing about all the outfits a certain article of clothing could go with, there's no turning back...)