Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The End of an Era

Best Friend
\ˈbest ˈfrend\

The person who knows you're completely insane, but loves you anyways.

My bestie, Jessica , probably knows me better than anyone in the world. She knows that I used to have a hard time eating in front of boys, that I am ridiculously messy and more about my relationships (past and present) than anyone would ever care to know. She's been through thick (family drama, breakups, you name it) and thin (carefree college nights, millions of pedis). And even with all my insanities through the years, she still loves me.

A funny thing about Jess and I is we have the tendency to share the same employer. First it was as simple as being a babysitting team (even if I was deathly that I think about it that couldn't have been good for the little kiddies), then it was our first-ever-real-summer-jobs at Nordstrom, and most recently, our first-ever-real-grown-up-jobs at Nike.

Having her by my side at these jobs has gone from feeling like a luxury to feeling like a necessity. Could I make it through the day without our countless e-mails? Our G-Chats? Our spur-of-the-moment lunch dates? My butts and gutts partner?! Well, I guess I'm about to find out...

Jessica is moving on to bigger and better things (this is what I keep telling myself).
She has taken a position at Lucy Activewear in downtown Portland. And her last day is Friday. Although I'm sad (no, devastated) to see her go, I am so incredibly proud of her. I'm relishing my last few days of bestie glory and praying that some day our career paths will meet again...

Congrats, Jess! You're my "person"-- no matter where you work :)