Wednesday, May 2, 2012

{On the Way to St. Andrews}

Well, I've finally somewhat recovered from my way-too-fun birthday/Queen's day weekend! Corey spoiled me rotten and I celebrated with great friends who made me feel extra special. I really couldn't have asked for anything more. I'll recap with photos soon!

For now, I want to finally post some more of my Scotland photos! This was the first trip where we wholeheartedly agreed that we hadn't seen enough of the country and we had to return in the future. Scotland is a ridiculously gorgeous place!

One of the days we were in Scotland we spent taking a day trip to St. Andrews. On our way from Edinburgh to St. Andrews we made a couple of scenic stops along the way:

First we stopped to admire the iconic Forth Rail & Forth Road Bridges.
Then we happened upon this gorgeous viewpoint:
Then we drove through the Kingdom of Fife and stopped at a few cute fishing towns. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of them now, but we took this tour where you can see our entire itinerary if you're interested. I am not necessarily recommending the company (our driver/tour guide was awful) but the sites along the way were definitely beautiful!
{Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}