Friday, May 4, 2012

{St. Andrews, Scotland}

Ahhh St. Andrews. The funny thing about St. Andrews is neither of us really knew anything about the town before actually visiting it. We’d heard great things – that it was stunning – but nothing in specific. We had no idea it was right on the water, completely forgot Will & Kate met at the University there, didn’t know anything about the gorgeous Abbey... So to say that upon arrival we were blown away is a complete understatement. We also happened to strike major luck with a gorgeous day in March. There was nothing but blue skies and pleasant 65-degree weather. We were in heaven!

Since we were on a tour that dropped us off for a few hours we didn’t get as much time to explore as we would’ve liked. We strolled along the beach, walked on the famous golf course, checked out the University’s campus and of course visited the Abbey (my camera died right before we got there!!). We sort of had to rush through everything because we were in a time crunch and as we were walking along the North Sea with the sun shining in our eyes and the seagulls singing above us we decided we must, must, must return one day. It’s a magical place and one that I highly recommend anyone and everyone adds to their travel list! 
{Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}