Friday, February 17, 2012

{Travel Plans: February - June}

Before we moved to Europe we decided our goal would be to travel at least one new place a month while we were living abroad. Sure, that sounds like a lot, but we made a list of our "must-sees" and there are about 50 cities on the list. That's a lot. So time cannot be wasted! We've already done a pretty great job of sticking to that goal, even with three trips home between August and December! I thought you guys might be interested in our upcoming travel plans (I've had a few questions via Formspring and E-Mail), so here they are!
Next weekend we're meeting up with Nicole in Seville, Spain! Our original plan was to go to the Basque Region in Spain, but after all the cold we've been experiencing we decided we'd trade rainy northern Spain for sunny Southern Spain.
Next month we're meeting Megan + her boyfriend, Stephen, in Edinburgh! I can't wait to see the castle and get to know them over a few pints! We're also going to take a day trip out to St. Andrews, which I've heard is breathtakingly beautiful.
In April my mom is coming to visit for TWO WEEKS. Oh my gosh, I am soooo excited!!! We're going to spend the long Easter weekend in Barcelona. Perfection.
In May the huz turns the big 3-0 so I wanted to take him somewhere extra special. We will be jetting off to one of our dream destinations: The Amalfi Coast! We'll be staying in a quaint Italian B&B right in the edge of the cliffs and will enjoy the magnificent view from our own private balcony. 
In June.. I can hardly get the words out I am THAT excited.. we're heading to SANTORINI for an entire week!! That'll be our longest trip to date! The goal here is pure relaxation. No crazy sightseeing or walking until our feet blister. We splurged on our hotel as this is our ultimate dream European destination. Our room has a giant private balcony complete with loungers and a jacuzzi tub! {special thanks to Ashlee for the recommendation!}.

I'd LOVE any recommendations you have for these cities. Especially restaurants or any unique/off-the-beaten path shops or sights :)

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