Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Amsterdam Winter Wonderland: Part I}

Two Fridays ago I was getting a late start for work. I was out raging the night before. Actually, I was catching a cold and needed some extra Zzzs. Anyway. When I finally stepped outside to make my trek to the train station, a beautiful thing happened. It started snowing! Now, I'd heard that the second a snowflake falls from the sky, the trains in the Netherlands all but stop running, so I thought for a moment and decided to turn back home. I couldn't risk getting stuck out in Hilversum (where I work) with a pup at home. Luckily, I wasn't crazy, Corey called me just minutes later telling me the snow was really starting to come down and he was going to head home just in case. It's a good thing he did because it snowed for the next three hours straight. It was magical. Watching it fall so slowly and gently outside our window was incredibly peaceful. 

Later that afternoon, once the snow had pretty much stopped falling, we ventured out into the city to enjoy the winter wonderland. For all we knew it would be gone by nightfall (that's what happens in Portland) so we thought we should enjoy it while it lasts. If only we'd known the snow would only just now melt away - two and a half weeks later - and a historic winter chill had arrived and we were in for quite the adventure...
{Photos © Liz Denfeld Photography}