Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Big News!

I feel awful that it has taken me so long to spill the beans.. It just took much longer than we expected to lock things down, and I didn't wan to jinx it... But finally I can tell you all that...
We’re Moving to Amsterdam!!!

Some of you guessed it a couple weeks back :) Needless to say, we are so super excited to embark on this adventure. Corey and I fell in love with Amsterdam after we spent a couple weeks there (and Corey proposed!) in 2009. We always knew we wanted to live abroad before we owned a home and had kiddos, we just weren't sure if we could actually make it happen. This proves that if you put your mind to anything and put in the effort, you can make dreams come true! Cheesy, but it's the honest truth.

So you'd like some details? Sure! Here's what we know. Corey will be studying for his MBA at the University of Amsterdam and also working. I was lucky enough to keep a job on the team I'm currently working on at my company, just located at the European Headquarters in Hilversum, so my transition should be pretty smooth. Corey's MBA program is two years, so we'll be over there for at least that long, but probably more like three. Neither of us is on a definitive work contract, so we can pretty much come back whenever our hearts desire. We'll be moving over at the end of July (exact dates are still being worked out) and Corey starts classes in September. And oh, how could I forget the most important part? Henry! Our sweet little man will most definitely be joining us in Holland. Maybe he'll even get the chance to go back to his French roots (French Bulldog, get it? ha. ha...).

Anyhow! I truly appreciate all the excitement and anticipation leading up to the announcement! I couldn't ask for a better group of readers and I really hope you guys will stick around and follow along on this amazing new journey in our lives.