Thursday, June 2, 2011

More {Memorial Day} Weekend Snaps

Before last weekend, we had spent the four weekends before it buried in loads of plans. All wonderful, but at the same time exhausting. We decided not to plan anything for the long three day weekend, and it ended up being utter perfection. We went out to delicious meals, walked a ton, spent time with family and just recharged. 

What? Do I have something on my face?

Scrumptious dinner date at 50 Plates. Hello mint julep!

We like to walk. A lot.

We walked all the way up to Pittock Mansion. Twice.
*Walking in the West Hills is not only beautiful, but also a great workout for your bum!

We enjoyed a fancy dinner at Laurelhurst Market. If you're in Portland you must go. It's insanely good!

And Corey surprised me with my first peonies of the season. He was congratulating me. I hope I can tell you why soon :) I know, I know. I've been saying this forever. But trust me, it's good!

{Photos © Liz Denfeld}