Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekends, Lately.

This weekend consisted of:
A haircut. No bangs. After all the hype, I know. Next time!
Long walks around the city.
Our first trip to the Farmer's Market this year.
Cappucinos, fresh-baked olive bread and puppy cuddles at Lovejoy Bakers with my mom and sis.
Dinner at Russell Street BBQ {oh.em.gee. so good.}
Nike Hoop Summit
Lots of Friday Night Lights. We're hooked.
A puppy-free Sunday cause our boy was at the vet (Henry lost his manhood if you know what I mean...).
Sunday brunch at Tasty n Sons. I'm kind of obsessed with this place, aside from the horrendous 45 min. wait.
Dinner at the in-laws. Always fun. Always leave feeling so blessed to have such amazing family.

Hope your weekend was amazing! Hoping for a stress-free work week :)