Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Calling All Wine Lovers

(image courtesy of Portland Monthly)
The current issue of Portland Monthly Magazine really makes me wish I was on their staff. The cover story reveals Oregon's 50 best wines, including 20 bottles that cost less than $20. To narrow the list to 50, wine columnist Condé Cox had to sample 650 wines in three weeks. Talk about a dream job! Perhaps he's in need of an assistant?

In all seriousness, I was blown away by Cox's qualifications. At 55-years-old, he's been tasting wine for more than 30 years (currently
at a rate of nearly 12,000 bottles a year) and was recently accepted to study at the London-based Institute of Masters of Wine, a program that has graduated only 275 wine tasting experts in its 56-year history. He's that guy who can actually taste those "hints of blackberry with a spicy oak finish", or whatever the flavor may be. Basically he is my idol. So, here's a toast to you Mr. Condé Cox. Thanks for taking on the rough task of choosing Oregon's 50 best wines. I confidently take your word for it.