Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mt. Tabor Park

Mt. Tabor Park promised, and it delivered. A few months ago, I flaunted my puppy love for Portland Parks. Still quite the amateur, I was on a quest to enjoy a few more of my city's urban havens. First up was Mt. Tabor Park, which sits on top of an extinct volcanic cinder cone, giving it a spectacular view of the west side of Portland and Mt. Hood. Miles of trails and roadways lay below high-reaching trees and wind all the way up to the spectacular viewpoints. It's the perfect place to lay a blanket and uncork a bottle of wine while you watch the sunset with your love.

The best way to enjoy the park during the summer is for their outdoor concerts and/or movie showings. Corey and I packed up some creamy brie, greek orzo salad and some yummy beer and wine and met Jess and Rob at the park. We all sat beneath the towering trees and enjoyed the sounds of the local 30s swing jazz band, the Stolen Sweets. Afterward, we took a quick walk up to the top to watch the sunset. It was pretty much the perfect summer night.

See more photos here.