Thursday, August 27, 2009

Map It!

By now, I think you have become familiar enough with my obsession with traveling. I've clearly got the bug. My newer obsession is traveling with Corey. I love discovering new places with him by my side. I feel like it bonds you like nothing else can. We've been all sorts of places. All around Oregon, Chicago, L.A., Seattle, Costa Rica. And this November we're adding Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil to the list. I saw this idea on Oh Happy Day! and now I am determined to start our own map pinpointing our growing number of travels. Not only will it be a happy reminder of all of the sights we've seen together, but also a way to keep us thinking about future excursions (not that I don't do that without a map in front of me...). It can be as simple as some tacks on a map, or you could get more elaborate with pictures, postcards, dates. etc. It would make for a great conversation starter!

Don’t you think this is a cute idea? Would you put this up in your home?