Friday, November 2, 2012

{Happy Friday!}

Happy happy Friday! I am so happy it’s the weekend! With Friday not only means the weekend, but some new friends for you! Feel free to peruse these amazing blogs over the next few days :) Enjoy! 
Hello Explore.Dream.Discover readers! I'm Holly (but everyone calls me Holls) & I blog over at Little Miss Holls. I live in Liz's gorgeous hometown of Portland, Oregon & think it's the best little city there is! When I'm not working my 8-5 corporate retail gig, I'm probably knee-deep in planning my summer beach wedding, trying out a new Portland restaurant, or taking a million pictures with my camera. All of which can be found over on my blog! You can also find me on Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram. I look forward to meeting you! :)

Hi Friends of Explore.Dream. Discover! I'm Bri, a food product developer turned full time culinary student/blogger. I split my time between beautiful Napa California and Southern California where I call home. Between my desire to eat delicious food and my pilot husband we are constantly on the move and seeking out edible and fun adventures! With the constant repetition of traveling and seeking out good eats in my life I decided to give birth to my lil blog called Travel Eat and Repeat, to pay homage to all things delicious and adventurous. My lil humble blog has a heavy emphasis on food and travel, I believe the two go hand in hand because I love learning about places through food (in my head I like to think of myself as Giada meets Sam Brown...Ahhh a girl can dream...okay back to reality). I often times will post my trials and tributes as I cook my way through one of the United States' hardest cooking schools (trust me its not a walk in the park). So if you would like some entertainment with your morning coffee head on over  to (after your done reading Liz's Fabulous blog of course). I promise you can stay in your PJ's, but I can't promise that it won't make you hungry or give you the urge to scout Orbitz for your next adventure! Cheers to hopefully becoming Blog-ends (blog friends...okay I'm a dork)!