Saturday, September 15, 2012

{Travel Help Needed!}

Happy Saturday! I’ve been enjoying a super lazy day. Drinking coffee, editing a family session, booking a trip to Venice, giving Henry a bath, g-chatting with Megan.. It’s been fun. I needed a day to just sit home and get some stuff done and relax. Next up is unpacking my giant suitcase from the States (yes, I’ve been back for 6 days and still haven’t unpacked – don’t judge).

I thought maybe you’d be out there enjoying a lazy weekend catching up on blogs and might be able to spend some time helping me with something. We’re planning a pretty epic train trip over our Christmas break (work gives us a whole week off – awesome!). I am so excited for the cities we have lined up, but there is so much planning to be done I hardly know where to begin. I was hoping I could share the lineup with you and if you have been to any of the places, let me know if you recommend a hotel or things to do, etc. You guys always give the best advice! Right now I’m most interested in places to stay, but I’m all ears for great sights and great restaurants as well. Thanks in advance!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!
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