Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{Back From Barcelona}

We spent the long Easter weekend (we got Friday + Monday off & I took Tuesday off, too!) in Barcelona with my Mama. We met up with Nicole every day, enjoyed disgusting amounts of tapas and sangria, soaked up the sunshine (albeit a little chilly at times) and saw some incredible sights. It was a trip I will never ever forget. Having so much one on one time with my Mom is so special and I am cherishing every moment. I am not rushing to upload photos and blog this week as I am trying to soak up her last few days in Amsterdam. She takes off Monday, so I hope you guys can hang tight until early next week when I'll be back with photos from Barcelona (and I still have some from Edinburgh and St. Andrews to blog - I'm so far behind!). Here are some iPhone photos in the meantime! Have a great rest of the week :)
 *last three photos by Nicole!