Tuesday, March 3, 2015

{More Babies?}

I remember when Corey and I were seriously dating, people weren’t shy about asking when we were going to get married, and once married  - when were we going to start a family? Then it seemed only days or weeks after Elodie was born – “So, are you going to have more?” It’s the million dollar question! I have to admit, I ask the same of my friends with little ones. You just can’t help yourself. 

My answer to this question has evolved over time. Before Corey and I were married we’d often have conversations about children – and decided we might not even want them! Maybe they wouldn’t fit into our lifestyle (we love to travel and are passionate about our careers), and when you’re in your mid-twenties the thought of being up all through the night or having your entire day revolve around your baby’s schedule just doesn’t sound appealing (I’m just being honest!). 

Then, after we got married, it was like a switch flipped. Oh yeah, we definitely wanted babies. But not right away. And we wanted two. That sounded like the perfect number.

Then Elodie came along. Those first weeks are rough and sweet and hard and perfect. I would stare at her for hours on end and think to myself that there was no way I could have another baby because it just wouldn’t be fair – I couldn’t love another one the way I love her. Also, I was still in full on recovery mode and the thought of going through the aftermath of delivery all over again sounded awful. So my answer was no, I think it’s just going to be Elodie.

Now, almost eleven months into motherhood, my answer has changed again. Yes, we definitely want more children – the number still unknown/up for debate. Elodie is the light of our lives. She is so much fun and brings us so much joy that I simply can’t imagine not having another baby (or two). I can now look back on pregnancy fondly, and would love to experience the miracle of growing and delivering a child again, now that I have the perspective of starting to raise one outside the womb. Most of all, my own sisters are my best friends and I truly couldn’t and wouldn’t want to imagine life without them, so I want more than anything to give that special bond to Elodie.  

So while we’re not looking to add to our family anytime in the very near future – the answer is yes, someday, God willing, we’d love to expand our family again. And we just can’t wait!