Thursday, January 3, 2013

{Happy New Year!}

I realize this post is coming a wee bit late, but I figure we're only three days into 2013 and I can't let 2012 go that easily. Happy New Year!
I truly can’t believe I’m sitting here reminiscing on another year come and gone. And what a year it was! 2012 brought so much adventure… Putting this post together and reminiscing on so many memories made, I realized why I am so darn exhausted all the time... We've been BUSY. We traveled to over 10 countries (including the UK for the Olympics and living out a dream vacation in Greece), we had lots of family come visit, I went home twice, was in two weddings for two of my best friends… we made new friends, thrived living on our own far away from everything we know and love back home, grew so much closer, celebrated two years of marriage and so much more. It’s been a truly incredible year. One we’ll never forget. And 2013 has so much greatness in store, I’m so excited it’s finally here! We’ve got big plans for this year, it just might be the best one yet. So here’s to 2013, full of so much possibility. Hope it brings you all love, happiness, health and prosperity. Happy New Year!

Here’s a look back on some of the highlights of 2012. Thanks for following along on all our adventures!

 {Photos ©  Liz Denfeld}