Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{Why Hello There!}

My goodness! Sorry about the radio silence everyone! The last few weeks have been insaneeee. Between a last minute trip to London for the Olympics, celebrating our two year wedding anniversary and then me taking off for the U.S., I have not had a single moment to blog. I’ve been back in Portland for almost three weeks already (crazy!!) and I’ve been running around doing all sorts of fun things. I was supposed to head back to Amsterdam this weekend, but my trip got extended for work purposes (I’m not complaining!) and I won’t be going back until the second week in September. I might be popping in over the next couple weeks if I find the time, but for now I’m really just trying to soak up time with family and friends. If you really miss me, I’ve been posting to Twitter and Instagram, so you can follow my adventures that way (username is LizDenfeld for both)! Can’t wait to get back to regular blogging soon – until then I hope you stick with me!!

*photo above from my friend Libby's wedding that I was in this past weekend!