Monday, November 28, 2011


Sorry for the blog silence last week. Apparently I decided I was going to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and take Thursday and Friday off from blogging. But in all seriousness, life got in the way and blogging fell off the to-do list. If you follow me on Twitter, you already know that on Friday I flew in to Portland and surprised my mom! I'm here for work for a couple weeks. It was such a last-minute trip that I decided I would just surprise my family. It's been super fun to just show up at the door at my in-laws house, my mom's house and my aunt's house. The reactions have been across the board (from tears to screaming to no speech at all) and so fun to watch. So forgive me if blogging is a little slow while I'm here. Just trying to soak it all in and enjoy it! Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving! 
Caught this view of Mt. St. Helens from the plane on Friday. Absolutely stunning!