Friday, November 11, 2011

Lately... + Welcome!


We’ve been daydreaming about a trip to Greece we’re planning for the spring.

I’ve been enjoying the cold + dry weather we’ve been having in Amsterdam.

I’ve been making the conscious effort to live in the moment. It’s so easy to always dream about and want what’s next and forget to soak up the now.

We’ve been feeling really settled in Amsterdam. It is really starting to feel like home. And we love it.

I’ve found myself absolutely giddy when I ride my bike everywhere. We live in such a beautiful city; I am reminded of that daily.

I’ve picked up reading again. The train really helps with that. Most recently I read The Happiness Project and Bossypants. I loved them both! I would love any book recommendations you have!

I have been craving a movie (theater) night.

I’ve been going to bed way too late. I used to always get 8 hours of sleep in Portland, but these days I’m lucky to get 7. I get home from work much later and feel myself rebelling and wanting to stay up to get some me time in. This makes for a grumpy Liz in the morning!

I am feeling the urge to bake. What are your favorite Fall baking recipes?

Also, welcome to anyone stopping over from The Story of My Life! So glad to have you here :) If you want to know a little bit more about me and my husband you can check out my About Me page and our archives to the right! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

{photo by Ashlee Gadd, post inspired by Stacey}