Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guest Post: Paper Morning // A Short Guide to Pumpkin Hunting

1. Find the perfect pumpkin patch. If they have pumpkins and serve free spiced apple cider, you're in the right place.
2. Bring a studly man and a wheelbarrow. Sometimes the perfect pumpkin is hefty. The studly man can help you with that. Sometimes there is more than one perfect pumpkin. The wheelbarrow will help your studly man with that. 
3. Be prepared for mud. This is inevitable. You're going to have to work to find that perfect pumpkin so don't be afraid to get mud on those wellies or your coat or even your favorite scarf.
4. Inspect your perfect pumpkin(s). There are plenty of critters out there that feast on pumpkins. Make sure you don't take any home with you. 
5. Rejoice. When you find the perfect pumpkin, let everyone know. Sing a song if you have to. Pose for a photo. This is a rather serious accomplishment!

{all photos by Kae}