Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

How was your weekend? Mine felt refreshingly long. I felt like I got the perfect amount of relaxation/fun time mixed with a ton of productivity. Here's a little list of what I was up:

*Tried Paragon's new happy hour menu. We give it a thumbs up! Unfortunately, their calamari is not on the HH menu, and it is seriously the best in the city, so we had to get it anyways!

*Made popcorn over the stove and watched Brothers (super intense, a little disturbing, but really good).

*Went out for some savory crepes at Suzette. You order at the crepe cart window, then walk inside the tiny, vintage-decorated restaurant where you can sip coffee and listen to the American 1940s and 50s tunes they're playing!

*Ran some wedding errands with my Mama (flowers, bustiers and vases, oh my!).

*Found fabric for our DIY napkins for the wedding!

*Saw An Education (the fashion, the music, the acting! it's a must see!).

*Made red velvet pancakes. They were as good as they sound. Recipe and photos to come!

*Started the hunt for Corey's wedding suit-- so fun seeing him all dressed up!

*Watched Amazing Race (our Sunday ritual).

I'd love to hear your little list of what you were up to this weekend!