Saturday, March 22, 2014

{Pregger Update: 38 Weeks}

How Far Along: 38 weeks

Size of Baby: She's still the size of a watermelon - 19-22 inches long
and weighs about 7 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: Oh yes.

Stretch Marks: Fingers crossed... still no...

Sleep: Sleep seems to be deteriorating by the night. Seems unfair, no?
I mean, I know I'll be getting zero sleep once she arrives, the least
my body could do is allow me to get some shut eye during these last
precious weeks! (days?!)

Best Moment of the Week:  Getting the car seat installed. This pregger
may or may not have started crying as I drove away with a car seat in
my back seat. Whoa, this is feeling very real.

 Movement:  There were a few days last week where she wasn't her
feisty self. I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me worry a little
bit. I know the bigger she gets, the less room she has, so she's bound
to slow down on her movement, but I missed it! Happily, she's back to
her active self now!

Cravings: Nothing in particular this week...

Gender: Little Lady!

Belly Button In or Out: I think we're officially in the outtie club.

Wedding Ring on or Off: On! My massage therapist (oh yeah, I've been
treating myself to weekly prenatal massages as of last week -
best.idea.ever.) even commented how I wasn't swollen at all. I credit
that to good genes (thanks, Mom!) and not being pregnant in the
summer. Whatever it is, I'm happy about it!

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Not really. Except all of a sudden
eggs sound disgusting to me, when I've been eating them a ton this
whole pregnancy. Weird!

What I Miss: We've had a couple incredibly beautiful days the last
couple weeks in Portland. I miss sitting outside with a crisp glass of
white wine or a delicious IPA. Soon enough!

What I am Looking Forward to: Living my birth story. I can't get
enough birth stories, I love reading them. I always have, but now
especially. And every one I read makes me think.. What will my story
be?? How will it all start? How will it end? Birth is such an
incredible and unique thing. No two births are alike. I am dying to
find out how mine goes down... Praying for a healthy baby and safe
delivery. That's all I want!

Labor Signs: Lots of Braxton Hicks still. Found out at my appointment
this week that they're doing their job. Could be any day! But I could
also go past my due date. The anticipation!!!!

Nursery: The rocking chair is done and we got a lamp! I need two more
picture frames and some drawer organizers and then it will really be
done. It's done enough now that I took photos that I'll be sharing on
here soon!! I LOVE the way it turned out :)

Emotions:  Had a rough day yesterday, today I'm feeling good. It's
really a daily thing. Overall feeling really great, happy and excited.