Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Birthday Weekend Part I: Salish Lodge & Spa

My birthday weekend was such a fun-filled extravaganza I have to break it up into a couple posts. Otherwise I fear you would suffer from photo overload!

Friday morning, the morning of my birthday, even though I had the day off, I woke up before I normally do for work. I didn’t mean to. I guess I was excited for my birthday. Or if I’m honest with myself, I was excited to watch the Royal Wedding, which I had recorded. While I laid on the couch with my pup and watched the wedding, drooled over Pippa’s dress and cried tears of joy (and envy – could I relive my wedding day, please?!), Corey went out and got us bagels and coffee. Then, I packed, and we were off.

We headed North for two hours and East for half an hour and pulled up to the impressive Salish Lodge & Spa. It sits at the top of the gorgeous Snoqualmie falls, and the second you walk through the lobby doors you feel a rush of peace and relaxation. There are crackling wood-burning fireplaces everywhere you turn and the whole place just oozes coziness. Our room was so beautiful. Complete with – you guessed it – a wood burning fire place, a pillow top king bed and a giant jacuzzi (with jets! and lights! oh my!). In a word, it was heavenly.

We spent the day going out for lunch in the tiny downtown, then checking out the falls, then playing scrabble and drinking some afternoon tea in the library. I felt so blissfully happy just spending time with my sweet husband all day, it was perfection.

After heading up to “The Attic”, their cute bar/more casual restaurant for a cocktail, we then made our way to “The Dining Room” – the hotel’s 5-star restaurant (ok, so I’m not sure if it was 5-star, but it tasted and looked 5-star!) where we sat at a table with a view of the falls in one direction and the sunset in the other. I also happened to have one of the best meals of my life that night. My scallops were out.of.this.world. Sadly, I don’t have many pictures from dinner because I was just trying to soak it all in and not take my camera or phone out! But trust me, everything was beautiful and delicious!

When we got back to our room we enjoyed a bubble bath, a blazing fire place and David Hill Pinot Noir (we got married at David Hill Winery). I decided this was the best birthday I’ve had yet. Only to be made better by the days that followed. Starting with room service breakfast in bed the next morning.

Tomorrow… Wine tasting in Woodinville and a sparkly night in Seattle.

{Photos © Liz & Corey Denfeld}