Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lantern Love

Don’t you love it when things just easily fall into place? This past weekend I fell in love with everything about the Viceroy’s décor. I especially loved these awesome wicker (or maybe bamboo) bird cage-looking lanterns hanging in the trees poolside. My bestie pointed out how it’d be awesome to have something like that hanging in the oak tree for the wedding, and I could not have agreed more. 

So, I went home and started googling like a mad woman. I couldn’t find anything decent looking for under $150. Clearly that’s not in the budget. Then the serendipitous moment occurred. I was getting my daily dose of Mrs. Lilien when I saw these absolutely perfect lanters from Z Gallerie, on sale for just $9.99! Done and done! How beautiful are these going to look with a candle in them when the sun goes down? I'm in love.